SIPAD has more than 50 years long tradition in furniture production.
In former Yugoslavia Šipad had sale network of 200 showrooms and
shops with wide range of furniture from own factories and other
manufacturers from Yugoslavia and abroad.

Today SIPAD KOMERC has regional sale network of 50 showrooms and shops in which we offer wide
range of furniture from classical style to contemporary furniture, from kitchen to children rooms and office
furniture, made from quality oak, pine and  beech wood, egzotic wood like teak or rattan, aluminium or metal
with finest europian textiles and leather upholstery.

Our suppliers are  renowed manufacturers from  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia,
Croatia and Serbia, as well as from other Europian countries.

SIPAD KOMERC “NAMJEŠTAJ” d.o.o. Sarajevo is share participator of the   Company and use trade network of about 20.000 m2 of showrooms and
Shops in Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Bihac, Tuzla, Gradacac and Stolac.


- historical style furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dinning rooms and home  
- quality dinning room sets made from massive European wood,  veneer or   
  exotic wood;
- modular systems furniture for living room, dinning room, bedroom, youth  
  room and home office;
- classical style and contemporary upholstered sofas and armchairs with finest  
  European textiles and leather;
- classic and contemporary kitchens;
- made-to-measure wardrobes and walk-in-closets with  slide or hinged doors
   in  wide range of wood types and colors;
- office furniture made from mdf or massive wood for executive and 
  operative staff;
- bespoke custom made furniture;
- accessories;
- various textiles;
- varnish and other raw material.

Department stores in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Department store 006

Zmaja od Bosne 74
Tel: 033/657 620

Department store 846
Londža 81
Tel: 032/244 713

Department store 836
Blok B kod Poliklinike
Tel: 037/312 832

Department store 802
Braće Fejić 58/A
Tel: 036/551 196

Department store 845
Vlatka Mačeka 11
Tel: 036/ 853 255

Department store 006
Donje Pijavice bb
Tel: 030/657-798
Department store 837
Hazna 1
Tel: 035/817-12

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